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NNYSA Spring 2021 Tournament Information

More Information Coming Soon


Thank You for participating in the NNYSA Soccer Season. Attached you will find the tournament schedules for each team. Questions? Check with your coach then Email


  • Check in at the white tent on the fields when you arrive to play.

  • Tent volunteers will provide MiniKickers and U6 Team coaches a medal for each and every player to hand out. Please get this BEFORE you play your game.

  • Bring your equipment bag with your binder with you to the field and place in the Elko or Spring Creek Shed. We are collecting each piece of equipment and doing inventory.

  • Please make sure that you are on time and early and ready for games.

  • Brackets and updated info will be at the white tournament tents as games progress.

  • Reminder – spectators sit on opposite sides from the players and coach.


For lightning, we will do the 30-30 approach. Wait 30 minutes for lightning to go away. Hopefully we won't have that.

If there is a serious amount of hail or rain, and it seems unplayable for a few minutes, the center ref could suspend the game until the weather seems playable.

For suspending the game early, we will follow NFHS rules as a guide.
"In the event a game must be suspended because of conditions make it impossible to continue play, the head referee shall declare it an official game if one complete half or more of the game has been played. If less than one-half of the game has been played, the game may be rescheduled from the start, or restarted from the suspension of play." The NNYSA Board will make a decisions on rescheduling the game.

These will be the last games of the season so let’s make them fun for the kids! Please remember that the refs do make mistakes but coaches and spectators should not be yelling or talking to the ref. 


Northern Nevada Youth Soccer Association